Reese in Fifteen

Nayeli Delatorre
2 min readSep 30, 2020
Reese relaxing on the grass while taking a jogging break around Almansor Park on Wednesday night.

Leaping, galloping, almost looks like he’s running but with more effort. Each front foot lifts off the dark forest green plushed turf before its akin rear foot steps down. Less than a minute goes by and his short bursts of energy starts to fade. He pulls to the right side of the trail signaling that he wants to go into the vast open field full of fresh green grass. With less restrainment from his leash he makes his way onto the field. Snorting and sniffing just about everything as he slowly walks further away from the trail. Content with his wearabout he plots down onto the prickly slightly wet grass to catch his breathing and observe the movement around him.

It’s less than a quarter into 8pm and daylight has turned to nightfall. The pale gibbous moon shone the night sky. With help from light shining above the tall lean lamppost late night walkers and joggers are able to view the trail in front of them. It’s a busy night at Almansor Park, all walks of life -from humans to canines- can be found enjoying the cool late September breeze after having to endure endless unbearable heat waves throughout Southern California.

Reese’s small figure seems to surprisingly stand out across the large field of grass. His bright mesh orange pumpkin-like harness projects over his smooth thin ivory fur. Still early into his teeth stage he reaches for his black Chanel leash and starts to nibble on it. Within a few seconds something new catches his eye- a couple walking across the trail with a Yorkie the length of a 16oz water bottle. His floppy ears rise and his focus then concentrates onto the next thing that crosses his sight.