An Xiao Mina Takeaway

Nayeli Delatorre
2 min readOct 5, 2020


After watching An Xiao Mina’s interview I gained a new perspective of internet memes. Being a heavy social media user, I see memes throughout my timeline everyday. I never really thought much of them until now. In her interview she states, “Memes reflect and amplify all aspects of humanity.” It really switched a light within me because memes truly showcase the good and bad in humanity depending on your morals and beliefs.

One particular example that came to my head when she mentioned the political discourse of memes was the one of a male anime character pointedly confusedly to a butterfly. This particular meme has been around since Tumblr was at its peek. However like An mentioned, memes are digital content that changes over time.

In An’s interview she explains how to step away from filter bubbles. Prior to watching this I didn’t realize how hard and tricky you have to be in order to do this. Our searches aren’t objective so, in order to step away from that bubble she shares her trick of utilizing private browsers or having different accounts for different feeds.